How it Works

About 3 months before your wedding, come along to the store or phone for an appointment to create your gift list. We will set up a time for you to come along to set up your list.  It’s advisable to have a look round the store at a date prior to this, so that you have an idea of our range of stock and can try to “fit” that stock into your home.

The completion of the list can take 3 hours, so fiances beware of the boredom issue! Maybe this could be an outing to bring your Mum to or a bridesmaid.

We will accompany you around the store and with the help of our experienced staff will advise you on what to include on your list.  It’s best to include lots of gifts at a range of prices to suit all pockets.  Make sure to think about colour co-ordination, extra sets of bed linen, towels etc for yourselves or guests.  Completing the list 3 months in advance allows us to order in any stock not in store, e.g. china sets.  If you are setting up a new home it maybe an idea to think of a room at time and make a list of general items you will require before getting to specifics when completing the list with Leslie.  This is important when setting up your kitchen which requires lots of different items to work properly!

Once the list is completed, we will set it up on the internet.  When you are ready to send out your wedding invitations, we will provide a card showing details of where to find the list online and the reference for it.  Guests can then shop in the comfort of their own home, we get notice of the gift being purchased, gift wrap it and let you know it’s available.  We can also set up your email address so that you get notification as soon as anyone buys from your list.  Of course guests can also buy in store, and either take to wrap and delivery themselves or leave the gift for us to wrap and have you collect.

During this period, your list is monitored to ensure everything is running smoothly, and if required we will get you back in to top up the list, if it’s running low on choices.  Any items left on the list at the date of the wedding are kept in reserve for you for 3 weeks after the wedding for you to purchase if you so desire.

We also offer the services of a personal shopper.  This service is offered free of charge, and is highly recommended.  We will spend sometime with you finding out what you want, and then will bring a choice of outfits, hats, shoes and bags for you to try.  We can then get different sizes, further choices for you and give good, impartial advice on those outfits.  How good is that, shopping with out the annoying bits.

This service is available all year, for all occasions.  Contact the reception in store for this service.